How To Use WhatsApp On Windows PC Without Any Software


Use WhatsApp On Windows PC


WhatsApp Messenger is a platform that allows talking with another and sharing a data like videos, images, text and files and voice messages for free. It allows on iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia smart Phone to exchanges the data.

WhatsApp On Windows PC

People can use WhatsApp on Windows PC and mobiles that share not a lot of data it’s have just a limit to sharing data another server. On other hand when People know about WhatsApp developed That is may on Long progress. People send text, voice messages, videos, Images, and files. On PC you can use WhatsApp Just download and install the app Then You will received notification on PC. Through Talking on WhatsApp you send emoji’s and photo notes, voice messages. People who sit anywhere of the world they can talk there relatives’ and friends. People can send their enjoying moments and present celebrates party’s weddings any function of life that they could enjoying.

Why Use This App:

  • Share moments and Feelings
  • Speak freely
  • Simple, Reliable Messages
  • Funny videos and images sharing
  • Talking anytime anyone
  • Faster app to talk

Messages your Family or Friend for free. People when talk anybody they can sent Messages and avoid to charges of SMS. And you can video calls for free of your family and friends; if they are in another country you can voice messages for free of cost. You can chat and Face to face conversation of your family and friend. Video calls and voice messages use your phone with internet connection and you save from costly charges to send data and video conversation. You don’t have worry about expensive calls and costly calls. You can use WhatsApp to on your mobile internet connection, if you have on travelling and your connection failed that you cannot use WhatsApp.

How To Use WhatsApp On Windows PC?

  1. Go To Link
  2. Open WhatsApp On Smartphone
  3. Click Option icon
  4. Click on WhatsApp Web
  5. Now Scan Barcode Shown on PC
  6. Done.



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